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Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, an accomplished author with a background in education and psychology, reflects on her experiences as a widowed mom with two sons who married a widowed dad with a son of his own. Now, with a few years of perspective, she uses the narrative of her experience to help others better navigate the issues that arise in a new family in the book We're not Blended We're Pureed, A Survivor's Guide.

Brandmeyer's inspirational romance writing often deals with abandonment issues and the struggle to believe you are not alone.

Represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency.
Diana is available for media appearances, speaking engagements, and book signings.
Please feel free to contact  at DLBrandmeyer @ gmail.com or 618.660.7864.

Media Info for Diana Lesire Brandmeyer:

  • 2009 voted favorite new author for Heartsong Presents
  • 2001 Eppie finalist for A Time to Dance
  • Nominated for the RIO-the annual 2001 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence-presented by the Reviewers International Organization to honor books which represent outstanding examples of their genre. 
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When and why did you begin writing?
In 4th grade Mrs. Rombleman handed back all the class essays written about Thanksgiving—except one, mine. After a few minutes of worry that what I’d written was so bad she didn’t even want to give it back Mrs. Rombleman announced she would be reading the best of the class.  I was hooked on writing at that moment. I didn’t pursue it as a career until 1987 when I began writing devotionals for children. I haven’t stopped since.

What made you go from devotionals to fiction and nonfiction?
I followed the stories that God placed in my heart. I’m not saying He told me to write them, but the ideas that I get I feel do come from him. At first it was contemporary fiction, then I was led to write about the journey my family took to become well blended. Now I’m writing a historical fiction novel. I love the surprising way God works.

Do you use your family and friends as characters?
No, but I use some of the traits they exhibit. One character may be a composition of 3 friends and a stranger I saw at the grocery store.

What has God taught you through writing?
 Patience and trust that the words will come when it’s time.  Every night I ask Him for words for the next day. Some days there are many words and others only a few, that’s when I need the patience.