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About Us

The Pencil Dancers site is writers who are interested in improving all aspects of their writing life, including techniques for writing, marketing, research, platform building.

Pencil Dancer mentors each chose areas of expertise to share, however, we all have a variety of publishing knowledge in fiction, non-fiction, journalism, website creation, platform building, editing, book judging, marketing, techie tricks, and social media...

We'll tend toward the chosen areas of expertise here, but one of us might veer off to chat about another area that becomes important for some reason or another. Feel free to ask questions. We'll do our best to answer if we know the answer. You might just help us find out we need to research...and as writers, we don't mind that one bit! ;)
Welcome to the Pencil Dancers!

Meet the Pencil Dancer Mentors:

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer
Pencil Dancer Expertise:
Marketing/Social Media
Website: Diana Brandmeyer
FB: DianaLesirebrandmeyer
Twitter: @dianabrandmeyer
Instagram: @DianaBrandmeyer
Pinterest: @pencildancer

Angela Breidenbach
(Muse and Writer)
Pencil Dancer Expertise:
Website: Angela Breidenbach.com
FB: Angela Breidenbach
Twitter: @AngBreidenbach
Pinterest: @AngBreidenbach

Liz Tolsma
Pencil Dancer Expertise:
Editing/34 Elements of Fiction
Liz Tolsma.com
Twitter: @LizTolsma
Facebook: Liz Tolsma
Instagram: LizTolsma
Pinterest: @LizTolsma

Jennifer Vander Klipp
Pencil Dancer Expertise:
Editing/What is your publisher looking for?
Website: Jennifer Vander Klipp
Twitter: @jvklipp
Facebook: Jennifer Vander Klipp
Instagram: jlvklipp
Pinterest: Jennifer Vander Klipp