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Face Plant Goals

Diana here:

It's that time of year writers embrace or fear. National Novel Writing Month. The questions start:
Should I do it?
Will I be able to hit such a high word count?
But in the USA it's the month of Thanksgiving how can I write and prepare for family?

I suggest if you are in a slump give it a try. Just don't set your goal so high. How many words did you write last month? Increase that number by 500 or 1000 and see what you can do when you push yourself through a busy month.

I'm giving it a try even though I'm going to be gone for a week to a conference. I'm not aiming for 50K but 20K. My true goal is to get words down every day, even if it is only 150 words. My daily writing has slid out of control. Notice I said slid, not risen. I have face planted. Time to get up and brush myself off and set a goal I can achieve.

How about you? Any advice on hitting your word count every day?

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