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Why get KDP Rocket

Diana here:

It’s been a while since the Pencildancers have posted as we’ve all been busy writing… except for Angie who has been traveling. She’s been to Scotland! Look for articles on how to research using genealogy in the future.

I wanted to hop on and tell you about a software program I use a lot. It’s KDP Rocket. Why do you need to know about this?

Because you are publishing your own work or hope too soon.

KDP Rocket has been around for a while and a lifetime price but version 2 is coming out soon so the price will go up. If you are anything like the Pencildancers the tools we need for writing get expensive and if you can swing a product that works for a lifetime price you grab it.

This product has saved me hours of work in searching for keywords to add to Amazon’s marketing service, which means I have more time to write while my books are being seen and bought.
Rocket also helps me search for information like what categories to list my book, it helps with the best keywords, and it helps me look at the competition for what is selling well.

Again, why does any of this matter?

Because you don’t want to put your book in a category so large that you may never be seen.
Because you do want to write a book like the ones that are selling.
Because you want those 7 keywords Amazon lets you have to be the best possible to get your book noticed.
Because you have an idea for a book and want to see if the idea is valid. Rocket can help with that. (see Book Idea Validation Article)

I do use Rocket. I signed up as an affiliate because I believe in it. The other bonus to this program is the quick, friendly and helpful customer support.

If you are thinking this might be for you check it out. But do it before the next version comes out and the lifetime price disappears. At least check it out, there is a 30-day return no questions asked.

Hop on over and see what it's all about and if it's for you.


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