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Christmas time-can you write?

Diana here:

This month the Pencildancers are sharing some things about their Christmas’s in the past, it might be a favorite gift, memory or a recipe. Be sure to check back every week or sign up to have the posts delivered to your inbox.

One thing that all of us here at Pencildancers.com agree on is that maintaining a writing schedule during the holidays is difficult.

In the past, writing comes second to my family during the holidays. There is just too much to do. The shopping, wrapping, along with the special events we are invited to take a tole on the day to day of an authors life. I used to grumble about losing the time to work, because not working means less money. Then I had an attitude shift. Christmas is once a year, and it’s not about me at all. It’s about the coming of Christ, and I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think money was involved. It even took the wise men with their gifts two years to get to Christ.

So, I’m now doing what I can to advance my career but at a pace that lets me enjoy Christmas, make new memories, and spend time worshiping.  So what does that look like?

Dictating on my phone snippets of dialogue that I think of while shopping, dropping into my facebook page (marketing) when I have time, and writing ad copy while I’m riding in the car, though I can’t do much of that since it makes me sick. But I can think about what to say and revise in my head, then write it down when we stop for gas or peanut m&ms--I mean food. Taking the time to enjoy the season leaves me refreshed instead of frustrated.

I’d give you my favorite Christmas cookie recipe but you probably already have it. Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorite, even if I have to tweak them to make them gluten-free and now sugar-free. When I smell warm vanilla, mixed with butter and chocolate melting in the oven,  I know Christmas is upon us.

Do you have traditions that you’ve carried over from your childhood? Have you kept them the same or modified them?

So whatever you do for the holidays be sure to take time for family and friends, listen to the stories told, hug the little children and you never know, you might be rewarded with a burst in creativity.
Merry Christmas!


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