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Writer's Support NaNo Shaming

It’s that time of year.

November or NaNoWriMo—National November Writing Month where writers gather in small coffee shops, stay up late and walk around with glazed eyes during working hours.

Why? Because to win NaNo, you must write 50,000 words.


What if...

You can’t.
Not that you can’t crank out 50,000 words of a train wreck—or a masterpiece but what if the pressure is too much?

Think about it, for every 10 of us crazy writers dictating a book or pushing the keyboard keys at an alarming rate, there are one or two writers that feel immense pressure to join along.

When did we as a group become the NaNo Shamers?

photo by: Doug Robichaud

I’ve spoken to a few writers that hang their heads when they mention they can’t participate. They mumble their reasons why they can’t.

They can’t take the pressure of the race to the finish. Never mind that if the deadline were at stake this writer could do it, have done it,  it’s the thought of taking a precious idea that hasn’t fully germinated and the rush to ride it out until they reach those magic words-The End.

Writers hang out online—every genre from fiction to nonfiction they’re all represented and doing NaNo. We all have a friend who doesn't want to join the Facebook Nano group despite how many times they receive invitations to join.

This year let’s ask why.

Then listen.

Then respect.

Don’t try and cajole them into joining. Don’t say just write a few chapters, don’t worry about finishing, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Don’t whine and say, but we’ll miss you, and you’ll miss all the fun and writer’s support we have planned.

This year let’s be kind and support those who don’t feel the need the pressure NaNo can bring.

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