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Why is being motivated so hard?

Angie here: Why is being motivated so hard?

Motivation means there's a goal. A goal means work. Work means slogging through all the "stuff" we may not know. But even more, being motivated means that we have to sit down and deal with the daily grind.

So how do highly motivated people do it? 

Highly motivated people...
1. Have a goal that's emotionally charged.
2. Make a list and work the list. (You've heard that before, right?)
3. Have deadlines (self or professionally imposed).
4. Have a clear plan with mapped out points along the way.
5. Create checks and balances.
6. Set up systems.
7. Have accountability systems, groups, or a partner.

Let's look at that emotionally charged goal.

Emotionally charged goals are all about what you want to achieve, your dream, your reasons. If you aren't motivated to do something it's often because it's what someone else wants, their dream, their reasons. Now, if that's a boss and you have a job then your motivation might be in line with theirs...you need money to survive. But, if that goal is something someone else has pushed you to do for them because they don't want to or they can't for some reason then it's a good time to take a look at that goal.

Take a look at your goal(s):

  • Is it something you want or need to do?
  • Are your emotions involved? (Anger, Justice, Love... By the way, many great programs that changed the world were created because of anger at the lack of provision or a sense of righting wrongs.)
  • Is it a family need? 
  • Is it a financial need?
  • Are you the ONLY person who can do it?
  • Are you stealing the blessings someone else is meant to receive by doing it? (Yikes, right?!)
  • Is the pressure to do something because someone else doesn't want to do it? (Yeah, that's not a good reason. Bet you knew that.)
  • Does it bring glory to God or just to me?

How to become more motivated...

  • Think about the 7 mentioned tips on highly motivated people above. 
  • Then think about your goals and the questions just listed. 
  • If you do (or don't do) the goal, will it bring glory to God?
  • Act on what you discover...

What did you find out about yourself after this article? 

In writing this article, I realized I'm highly motivated to write my books/screenplays, teach others, and to learn about the things I want to learn like genealogy, writing, screenwriting, marketing, podcasting. But I'm not motivated to do things that are not related to my interests. In fact, I drag my feet on anything financial, cleaning, repair or mechanically related...

I will keep moving in the direction of my interests because that's how God made me. I'm motivated to do and become what God intended, not what someone on earth intends. Even though something might be a good thing to do, if I'm not the person meant to do it then I am stealing their blessings and not bringing glory to God.
What about you?

Angela Breidenbach is a prolific writer and highly motivated professional. She has three books releasing now... The Bucket List Dare (contemporary romance on knocking off a bucket list item), Blue Ribbon Brides (historical romance on reaching for a dream and winning), and a non-fiction called Gems of Wisdom: The Treasure of Experience (about overcoming our past to have a great future). 

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