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Attracting Readers

Diana here:
I grabbed a copy of Nick Stephenson's Reader Magnets last year and learned the value of an email list to a writer. That's when I began to build my list because what he says made sense. While I don't have ten thousand people on my list it is getting bigger. 
Nick is offering his book free for a few days and I didn't want you to miss it. Even if you are still working on chapter one of your first book you need to get a mailing list started. I wish I had known that when I put up my first website. 
This ebook “Reader Magnets” breaks it all down for you. 
The best part – once it’s all set up (and the ebook will show you how to do this) this system will keep on working in the background. Which means you have more time to read this blog or write. 
Get it!
“Reader Magnets,” tells you how to leverage the traffic on Amazon Kindle (and the other ebook retailers) and use it to grow your own mailing list.
Amazon is one of the highest-trafficked sites on the web – and it’s filled with buyers. Your audience is on Amazon looking for you – and “Reader Magnets” will show you how to show up where people are already looking.
Even if you don’t have a book ready right now, Nick will show you a quick and easy way to get started – and see results fast.
Just click the link below, enter your email address, and you’re good to go: 
The free ebook will only be available for a limited time, so get your copy now.

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