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Life Not Meeting Your Expectations?

Liz here:

Let's face it. You'll have disappointments in your life. On a daily basis. It's one thing I've always tried to teach my children.

Life isn't fair.

Or, as a local radio host says, "Life is tough. Get a helmet."

Being a writer is a difficult job, one filled with disappointments. Your book doesn't turn out the way you want it to. Or your editor is hard to work with. Or your book doesn't sell the way you hoped it would.

This is the time when it's important to have a great support system around you. A crit partner can cheer you on, reminding you that what you wrote is good. Or helping you to make your next story even stronger. A husband who will rub your back or feet. A friend who will drop everything to bring you chocolate. Or cry with you.

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Rely on them. They're there to help you. And ready to listen to you. Take advantage of them. That's why you have them in your life. You'll be there for them when they need you.

And when you've enjoyed your foot rub and eaten an entire box of chocolates, it's then time to get back in the game. The general rule in the industry is to allow yourself a day to wallow in your sorrow. The next day, it's back to the computer. Time to work on that manuscript or start another one or get back to social media and marketing.

Because the life of a writer is tough. But the rewards - like writing the end, getting a contract, winning an award - are definitely worth all of the disappointments.

What do you do when life doesn't meet your expectations?


  1. Thanks for this encouragement, Liz! It was perfectly timed for me. :)

    1. So glad this was helpful, Carrie!