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Expectations Not Met

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Expectations Not Met

At the beginning of the year, we talked about goals and how to set them. Now, it’s six months later, how are you doing?

Did you write goals and then shove them out of your mind, in a drawer, or a file you never open?


Did you tackle them?

If you have been working on them are you still excited? Have you had the results you expected? Or have your expectations not been met? Do you feel like you’ve been dashed against a rocky shore with the waves tearing you apart? Or worse, pushed out of the water onto dry land?

Do not fear. Every writer has been there, multi-published, one book published and the not yet published.

But what’s the difference between those that keep going and those that quit when the expectations don’t look anything like the writer wanted?

The first thing a successful Christian writer does is to consult God. Are you working according to His plan for you? If you’re like me, you feel like nothing is happening, and wonder if you have stepped off His path.

This is the time to re-evaluate and if you feel you’re still doing what you need to do, then persevere. The rejection you received yesterday means ONE place said no. Not everyone said no. So send it out again, or become an indie author if you don’t want to wait any longer.

Make sure you take the effort to reward yourself for getting that rejection. You did the work, you emailed it to publishers, and you waited and waited for an answer. That’s a big deal. Many writers never take the step to send off their work. So celebrate that you’ve met that expectation. Honor the work you've done!

But what if you wanted to accomplish didn't happen? 
What if you expected to be able to spend 15 hours a week writing and then you had to work overtime at the job that pays the bills? Or what if you have to help an ailing family member, or take on childcare responsibilities?

All of those things happen to everyone. You learn to adapt. You change your expectations to fit the day, the week, or the month. Seasons in life change. Remember that and it will make not meeting your expectations less painful.

When those times happen to you change your goals to something smaller, break down the big stuff. Instead of writing 15 hours a week, take to write a character sketch or setting sketch.

If that's still too big of an expectation grab a writing book and read it then you'll still be working on your career.

One I've recently read and liked is The Miracle Morning for Writers
another isWriting the 21st Century Fiction

Above all remember with God the ultimate expectation will be met as long as you hold onto and believe in His Son, Jesus.

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