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A Writers Toolbox

Hi, Angie here:
Sharing one of the writing tools I use in my regular office time. This week I sat back down with an older workbook. As I wrote my story, a novella, I wasn't happy with the plot. So I went to an older workbook, Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. 

I think it's important to note a few things about this workbook.

1) Really helpful in getting back to the basics.
2) Some examples use language you might not use normally.
3) Sometimes the author is discourteous to romance category books and their authors.
4) I like the worksheets for gathering my thoughts. It's easy to take the questions and write my answers (when appropriate to my story) into a document in my laptop.
5) Remember the author is male. That matters when you're writing for females as he tends toward more male-oriented examples. That makes it harder to translate into the romance genre, but the concepts can still apply (most of the time).

This is one tool of many. It just happens to be the one I used to dig into my plot this week. So, I would say it's a good one for plot but would not rely on it as my only one for my historical romance genre. Then again, I don't think a workman's tool box only has a hammer. Do you? 


  1. Good pointers to remember, and I totally agree. Thanks for reminding me I have this on my shelf! I should pull it out for my current WIP. ;)

  2. It's been helping me out as I needed to revisit my plot this week, that's for sure :)