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Diana here:
Do you have a shelf full of books on how to write?

I do. My writing friends will tell you they too have many books. But which one would you pick up and use over and over?

That’s what this series is about, the books worthy of us spending our writing education money on them instead of __________(fill in the blank for yourself)

One of the books I pick up over and over is called Deep and Wide by Susan May Warren.

So what makes this book so terrific?

I get it.

It’s as if Susan May Warren looked into my brain, unscrambled my questions with the answers and put them in this book just for me.

It’s a simple book to follow. There isn’t a lot of discussion about how books have been written for centuries by using the ABC method or something else that puts me to sleep.

Right away, from the front cover, you get the purpose of this book.

Deep and Wide 
advanced fiction techniques for making your characters deeper and your plot wider.

Yes, ma’am, that’s exactly what I need every single time I write a book.

This book uses movies to teach you how to write your own story. For me that’s the reward—I get to watch a favorite movie and dissect it. 
*Disclaimer I cannot guarantee your safety if you learn how to do this and you tell your spouse what will happen next in his favorite spy movie.

One of the most helpful (there are so many in this book) is learning about the glimpse of hope every hero/heroine needs. You want your hero/heroine to do , see, be, or value something that indicates their need. 

In my book, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee I have my hero looking into a store front. He's returned from the war and feels he can't stay in his hometown.

Travis noted the toy wagon and kitchenware display in the front glass windows. He paused long enough to wonder if he’d ever have a wife and child to treat some Christmas. Maybe Friendship had a woman who would steal his heart…

That’s a glimpse of hope. It shows Travis has a desire for something more in his life.

Another bit of wisdom passed on in this book is how to add backstory. Hint: it isn’t in the first ten pages of your book. 

What do you think is recommended?

Yes, of course, you knew! Yay you! Small pieces or as Susan May Warren calls them a breadcrumb trail is how you let your reader know what's happened before your story begins. I love how she thinks! Breadcrumbs are something I understand.

This is a book I would recommend buying at any stage of your writing career. If there is a fire and I can only grab one writing book it will be Deep and Wide.

You can find this book on MyBookTherapy for $24.99. This is not an affiliate link. :) Thanks, Carrie for asking.

What book would you recommend?


  1. Okay, so I looked that one up on Amazon and the CHEAPEST one is $54! Goodness. Do you know of another place to buy it?

    1. Yes! You can find it on mybooktherapy.com for $24.99 http://bit.ly/1oD1v7f

    2. Awesome! Thanks! :)