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Motivation or Get Moving

Diana here:

Motivation is a critical part of your character’s make-up. When you’ve done the fun work, what they look like, what’s their occupation, and favorite food it’s time to create problems for them.
You should have your goals for each character by now. If you don’t, go back and do them.

Here are some posts that will help.

Good, your character goals are mapped, but what makes them want to achieve them?

Or the writerly term is;
What motivates them?

Think of motivation as movement instead of inspiration. What gets your character off the couch, away from their desk, or off social media?

The power of that motivation has to be strong enough for them to accept challenges beyond their comfort zone.

If your genre isn’t action oriented, this might be a struggle. It’s much easier to be motivated if your child is kidnapped, a murder happened in your kitchen, or you’re being stalked than if your goal is to marry the girl next door.

You need a goal for every scene, that means a motivation for every scene.

Think about yourself for a moment, ask these questions:
What’s a goal you desire?
Why do you want it? (motivation)
You’ll know you are on the right track when you begin the answer with BECAUSE.

Because your character wants to have a family
Because your character wants to save her best friend.
Because your character because she wants to save her home.
Motivation is the carrot that hangs out there urging your character toward completing the goal.

Let’s break it down.
We’ll use the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, starring Kate Hudson.

Goal: finish the article on losing a guy in ten days that works in real life to win a bet with her boss

Motivation: she will get to write substantial stories that make a difference
Andie Anderson, the character she is willing to become someone else to win the bet BECAUSE she no longer wants to write fluff articles.

That’s a powerful motivation. It doesn’t involve bullets, kidnappings or stalkers. She goes against her sophisticated nature to being manipulative, almost insane, to get what she wants. 

It may not look like motivation when she puts women’s products in her boyfriend’s bathroom cabinet but it is BECAUSE she hopes it will get him to break up with her within the time limit set by her editor.

Tweet this: Motivation is the BECAUSE in your hero's life.
Tweet this: Every character needs motivation. 

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