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Lassoed by Marriage Jan 18, 2016 Google On Air Invitation

Do you wish you knew more about techie "stuff"? Set a marketing goal this year to learn a new way to share your books and connect with readers in new ways.

Here's one new way I've been working on building my platform and relationships with readers. My sister authors in the Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection agreed to let me lead them into new territory. We held a training on Jan. 1st to teach each one how to use Google Hangouts (private video meetings I've used for a couple of years now for mentoring, brainstorming, and the Christian Authors Network board meetings) and Hangouts On Air (you are live to the world once you start On Air).

Lassoed by Marriage Author Hangout Events Start Jan 18th at 530pm MST/630pm Central. Here's the schedule.

For 9 weeks, Monday evenings 630pm Central, Jan. 18-Mar. 14, 2016 the authors of the Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection will be presenting chats for newly forming book clubs. We'll share a variety of fun chats from historical stories our books are based on, tips for travel to the towns the stories are set in, games book clubs can play to enrich the books they read, and more...If you're in the area, you can attend in person.
The Vine Bookstore
Faith Church
100 – 81st Avenue
Dyer, IN 46311

Schedule of authors, and their novella, in the collection:
Jan. 18 Angela Bell The Substitute Bride (each event will have its own link to a hangout event then it will be recorded on Youtube.)
Jan 25 Angela Breidenbach Bridal Whispers
Feb 1 Lisa Carter Mule Dazed.
Feb 8 String Story Slam The Sweetwater Bride
Feb 15 Rebecca Jepson A Highbrow Hoodwink
Feb 22 Amy Lillard Not So Pretty Penny
Feb 29 Gina Welborn All’s Fair
Mar 7 Kathleen Y'arbo The Colorado Coincidence
Mar 14 Rose Ross Zediker Railroaded into Love 

The full first event link so you can see what it looks like:

You're invited, yes, but I've been asked how did I set it all up.
It's a bit longer than you'd want to read in one blog post so I'll give you a few tips.

First create your Hangout On Air (live) go to:

Then switch over to your Youtube account and upload your video.
I created mine on my iPhone, edited in iMovie, then transferred it to my laptop for easy screen work and to upload to my Youtube account. 

Once it's uploaded, be sure to choose the thumbnail. Who wants a crazy expression or closed eyes/opened mouth as the first thing people see on the page? Tag everyone involved to help with SEO and sharing. Be sure to include all the description info. Then publish. (Hint: I knew this event would have 9-10 videos so I created a special playlist in this screen.)

Switch back to your Hangout Event Page. Click on the "Trailer" button. That will offer you choices. Choose your video option and click to upload.

Remember to use the social media options from both platforms.

The finished product lets your audience see a real face rather than a blurred out image. The link in the top search bar is the event link. Copy/paste it into any social media, your website, etc.

A few more tips:

1. Video record on your phone and upload to your Youtube account so you can create a trailer like the one above for people to watch prior so they can find out a little about your event. (Keep the trailer short. The one above is about 30 seconds.)
2. Make sure your Youtube account is connected to your Google Hangout account. You can do that from the event page now.
3. Invite right from the event page, but that's only inviting from Google + accounts. So that's why you'll want to share it using the search bar link into other social media.
4. Have a prop, like your book, so the audience can see what you'll be sharing.
5. Smile into the camera before starting to record. Keep your eyes on the camera!! Takes practice ;)
6. When attending, the small Q&A gray logo in the top right corner of the trailer video will turn to a yellow "LIVE" button. You have to click that yellow "LIVE" button to pop out and see the actual live video event happening otherwise you'll just be staring at the trailer.

That's a starting place :)

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