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Podcasts Tips 1

Hi all, Angie here with my latest installment in podcast tips:
How do we filter information
for our listeners?
Iolite-find out on Angie's
podcast how it works.
An interesting need podcast producers have is getting found even though it's still a pretty open field in the grand scheme of communications. But you still have to have a way for people to find your podcast title, topics, and episodes. Just like websites and any online search, a podcast listener has to be able to filter out what they don't want and hone in on what they do.

Enter meta tagging. Oy. More techie stuff, I know. But you do get used to filling it in as a course of habit. I use ID3 Editor. I've learned the fields I have to fill in and learned those I can leave blank because it depends on whether you're needing music, podcast speaking, or video...or maybe you're doing all three things. But for the sake of simplicity, since we're talking basic podcast start up here for this post, I just use the areas that help tag the elements I want listeners to be able to search online.

Think: What will my listener be typing into their search engine?
Then fill in the blanks with those phrases.

A lovely thing about ID3 Editor is the ability to copy/paste the script or bullet points of your episode into the file. Once you open ID3 Editor it'll prompt you to choose a recorded episode. Then when you're done "tagging", and save, all the information you've added will be part of the episode recording.

Tip for learning ID3 tagging: This has been an on-the-job growth for me. But as I've become more familiar with using the tag editor, I'm also getting better at understanding why and what to add to it for my specific purposes. You will too. To learn, I seriously kept the FAQ page open on ID3 Editor because some of the sections didn't strike me as obvious. I kept that little reference page on my iPhone's Safari and just pulled it up as needed rather than constantly searching for it. After a few episodes of Grace Under Pressure Radio, I felt much more confident.

What kinds of things to add:
First, there are 3 different windows. I use different boxes on all 3 of those window "pages" plus I open and drag/drop an episode photo, close that, and open the "lyrics" to copy/paste my show notes. Be sure you add these other elements so your episodes and show can be easily searched in the iTunes store, online, and in other podcasting groups called podcast directories. (Am I in a bunch, no, but since podcasting like publishing is a growing business it's easier to take things one step at a time. Do what you can and plan to do more as you're able. That stops you from getting overwhelmed. ITunes is still the #1 place to be found, but others are growing. Start there and expand at your own pace.)

1. Podcast Title and feed link
2. Episode Title and link
3. Name of artist, their website
4. Copyright. (The year you recorded the show.)
5. Recording date (YYYY-Month-Day threw me for weeks because I kept doing it backwards, ugh.)
6. Podcast website (if different than artist website. But I bought a url for GraceUnderPressureRadio.com and then pointed it at the page my podcast would be housed in at AngelaBreidenbach.com so it would come up in searches. It's another way to market for people that know my podcast, but not my books. But it also keeps the name protected for me into the future.)
7. Be sure to check the "podcast" box.
8. Description (I go minimalist, but I do add this now in 2 different areas.)
9. Genre (if it's a speaking podcast like mine that doesn't fit the more musically named genre list, choose "other".)

There are some other areas you can choose, but these are some to get you started.

The most important thing I'd tell you about using this particular tool in your podcasting is that you'll learn it best if you have a file you already want to update.

One other techie tidbit. I use Blubrry Powerpress Plugin for Wordpress. But I have Libsyn as my host in case I ever want to go into video with my show. Libsyn has released a beta for their new plugin. Unfortunately, the two will not work together. So until they're more compatible for past shows, it's impossible for me to change without losing what I've built. More on those choices in the next post because that's a fairly new development I wish had been available last summer.

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