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The techie overview of podcasting basics

Angie here with the techie overview of podcasting basics to show you an idea of the process to creating a show.

Grace Under Pressure Radio

You may remember I started Grace Under Pressure Radio in August 2015. My expertise is in coaching confidence in my clients, listeners, and audiences. So I'm not the foremost expert in podcasting. My goal isn't to be the best techie expert. My goal is to share my message through the books I write and the words I say. But if you're interested in podcasting, you'll have to know the overview and then get educated on the bits and pieces. The good news is you can. But like anything that has value, it's an investment in time and education to get a working knowledge. Then proficiency comes with on-the-job experience. The other good news is that you can get the education, with a small effort, for free to low-cost.

An overview of podcasting tasks:

I have a macbook pro and record in Garage Band, and edit there for now, too. Then I share to my iTunes account on my own computer. Then I open ID3 Tag Editor (bought for $15) and add a bunch of meta tagging. I save that and upload to Libsyn.com (chosen over blubrry because the options fit my future needs) to the "download only" content setting because I'm just storing the show there, not using Libsyn to publish to podcast directories. I open my website to the blog that's been preset for audio and RSS feed with the Power Press widget. Load, copy/paste show notes, copy/paste published file link from Libsyn, then publish that blog post.

The critical 4 actions we need listeners to do to keep our podcasts out in front so people can find them.

I created 3 posts before applying to iTunes to be in the podcasting directory. All the experts say that gives new listeners the ability to listen, subscribe, rate, and review. (So if you would, may I ask you to do those for Grace Under Pressure Radio? And then refer any friends you think might like to become a woman of courage, confidence, and candor, too.) 

Instructions to Leave an iTunes Rating and Review

  • Click here for: Grace Under Pressure Radio on iTunes
  • That should automatically direct you to Writers & Authors on Fire podcast page
  • Click “Ratings and Reviews”
  • Click “Write A Review”
  • Enter Your iTunes info
  • Click a rating, leave a review, then click “Send” (If inspired, please consider giving us 5 stars)
  • Thank You. Your support is appreciated.

RSS feeds:

iTunes took about a week and a half to approve. It can happen in hours or weeks. I had my webmaster create a special RSS feed, that I own, built into my website in the background FTP editor so when Power Press (actually a Blubrry widget for Wordpress) works with my published post, it sends directly to iTunes. It's important to use your own RSS feed so businesses that offer it don't hijack your listener list should you want to change platforms. Yep, there's details. But that's the overview. And I do have a lot to learn still. 

How do you get the knowledge?

I took classes on it. One on CreativeLive.com and I've watched videos and listened to The Podcast Answer Man as well as the Audacity to Podcast. I spent $15 on the ID3 tag editor, $60-ish on mic equipment bought on Amazon (More details in another blog post, but the ATR-2100 Cartoid USB is the one I have now), and Libsyn.com needs the $15/month subscription because there isn't enough storage otherwise. My show is 30 min. long. (I haven't yet learned to make the file smaller than 12-14 MB, though I've tried lowering the VBR quality. I can go down to med-low setting without losing vocal quality.) I have a friend who uses Dropbox but the experts say not to. 

Another important element to growing podcast skill is listening to those who have it. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts on podcasting, writing, and screenwriting because those are all the areas I want to continue growing in. I love cutting my effort by 2-3X when a podcast is teaching me writing/screenwriting/podcasting all at once, don't you? It's just smart workflow :)

Here's some of my favorite podcasts right now that combine the educational benefits:

Writers and Authors on Fire with John VonHof

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