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Preparing for NANOWRIMO 2015 will you be ready?

But it’s not November, so why bring up NANOWRIMO in October? (National November Writing Month or NANO for short)

Nifty Badge for last years winners

Reasons to prepare before November 1:

  • So you'll know what you are writing about
  • You can call your characters by name instead of A and B
  • Have your story anchored in a location
  • Decide what genre you want to write
  • Amass collections of photos of settings to help you describe location
  • An excuse to look through Pinterest for photos of clothing characters might wear
  • So you aren’t stuck because you don’t know if the city you are using has a duck pond, and it is really important to know because your character meets her greatest challenge there
  • Brainstorm at least 3 outlandish things that can happen to your character that will pull the story forward— go there when you are truly stuck and can only type I don’t know what happens next, over and over
  • Get Scrivener if you don’t have it. (See download on the side bar.) You can use it for 30 days. Yes, if you get it now, you will run out of time if you use it every day before NANO starts, but it’s not that expensive, and it’s much better to figure out what this program can do BEFORE NANO begins. You can store all of your ideas, photos and research there so you’ll be ready to attack NANO day 1. The downside to doing it this way is when you win NANO you won’t be able to use the prize coupon. You decide—pay now and be ready or pay a discounted price later and spend precious time figuring out where you put all your ideas so you can move them to Scrivener.
  • Decide how many words you need to write to make the 50,000 word count. Remember, in the USA, Thanksgiving is going to eat up some of your writing time. Sorry, couldn’t help but use that pun. Pace yourself, remember this is a marathon not a sprint.
  • If you are in charge of meals, get those crockpot meals stored in the freezer (see Pinterest for millions of ideas) so you can pull them out in the morning
  • Order some NANO merchandise before NANO starts to encourage you to BE THAT WRITER THAT FINISHES 
  • Grab your official participant badge and add it to your site

If you’ve never participated in NANO, you might think this is a waste of time to write fast and messy. I thought that too, until  I participated and Hearts on the Road, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee and Mind of Her Own were all picked up by traditional publishers. (Shameless plug, click Diana's Books tab at the top for more information.)

So, what are you waiting for? Get Scrivener, start collecting, and be ready to write November 1, because the  Pencildancers want to read your books!
Official signups! nanaowrimo.org

NANOWRIMO Tips for getting prepared
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