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Goodreads Friend or Foe to the Author

Did you sign up on Goodreads thinking you would share your author awesomeness with readers by asking them to read your books?

How’d that work out for you?

Many of us (me included) heard Goodreads is the place to be if you want to sell books. So we rushed over, joined, got our author accounts and dive-bombed every group we could with buy my book posts.

Someone might have contacted you that you broke the rules. Rules? What rules? You’re an author and this site is about books. Confused, you might have left this site, giving up the chance to make new friends who READ.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to spread your author awesomeness to a lot of people, but many of them aren’t readers or they don’t read what you write. Doubt me on that? Check out those profiles! How many of them have books as a hobby? Yes, some will and I think Facebook is still one of my best places to connect with my readers.

But Goodreads…

Ah, there is a concentrated group of readers who read what I write!

So how do you connect with them?

When you joined Goodreads you had to join as a reader—not an author. Get that? As a READER! So join groups that interest you, that read what you like to read and then participate a few times a week on Goodreads as a reader who writes.

Find groups that have games, those are easy to play along with and don’t take much time. One I like is matching the first word of a book title you’ve read to each letter of your name. When you enter a new title your post becomes a new post and your name (already spelled out) appears in the group. Now you are interacting! Yay you!

Post reviews, again not difficult, if you read on your kindle it’s a matter of clicking stars.

So be a reader first on Goodreads, make friends not foes!  

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