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Productivity Coach Software Review

Do you have a Productivity Coach? 

Diana here:
Do you have a lot of trouble focusing on what needs to be done? 
Do you find you can't keep track of what you have to do? 
By the end of the day you feel like you've accomplished nothing?

I've always been fond of my paper list where I can check a box or scratch off an item on my list. But after awhile it seemed like I was wasting a lot of time everyday writing down the same items.

When offered the chance to review Productivity Coach Software I said, "Yes, please!"

By using it, I learned quite a bit about my working habits. I knew I could focus but who knew that same driven focus was my downfall in getting things done?

Once I began listing my activities in software I realized I was trying to accomplish too much in one day. 

When pick an activity activity you-not the software-get to set how much time you want to work on an activity. I found I took less time to do things than I thought. Yes, I am also a procrastinator. 

Each activity can have a different tone for the timer. When it sounds you've reached your limit for how long you wanted to work. It might remind you of how it felt when the school bell rang and you slammed your books closed.

The timer has helped me. I tend to start a project and not come up for air until time to make dinner, only there's no dinner because I forgot to plan it or start it on time. Then not only are we hungry and eating out I feel defeated because I haven't written an entire book in one day. That is not the way to work! (I do have high expectations!)

With the Productivity Coach Software I'm able to walk away from a 'finished for now' activity and begin another. I even added a timer for one facebook game I play. I can now play without the guilt that I should be doing something else and when the timer goes off recess is over.

There is a way to pause the timer and YES a way to check off when you are done! You can remove an activity from the day when you finish or leave it there if you like those check marks. 

You can set up a lot of different timers. Maybe you need one for you marketing day, book launch, or a day you want to write. How about a time for each chapter, editing or critiquing? It's all possible. 

Shelly Hitz, at Training for Authors has a great video on how this works so check it out, it costs $27. It's worth it to get more than one thing done in a day.

Are you ready to accomplish more than you ever thought possible? Click the link and check out the video. Productivity Coach Software

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