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Thai Red Chicken Curry…

Roni is back again today!

Thai Red Chicken Curry…

This will feed 4-5 hearty eaters. So here we go…
  • Gently fry off 1 chopped onion, 1 tblspn. each of crushed garlic & ginger, & 1 tspn. red curry paste.
  • Chop & add to pot 1 kg. chicken thighs. Brown off a bit.
  • Add tin of coconut cream or milk, 1 tblspn. palm sugar (or brown sugar), ½ bunch chopped coriander stems (or a tblspn. coriander paste), & 2 tblspns. fish sauce.
  • Simmer together about 15 mins. then throw in some diced pumpkin (maybe 1½ -2 cups). Cook another 15 mins. or so.
Meanwhile, cook your rice….we do ours in the microwave.  Water level about a knuckle length higher than the rice, 14 mins. on high. Perfect every time!

And then place pappadums around the outside edge of your glass plate, not quite touching, & cook about 1 min. (depending on your microwave). Repeat, repeat…No oil this way, no gluten, it's so good.

Stick a bowl of these in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves. They add a fantastic crunch to your awesome curry.

Serve, and top with the fresh coriander leaves that you saved from the pot before…:)) maybe some cashews too.
Gorgeous, filling, warming and great for sharing….and; the next day it tastes even better!

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