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So you Wrote a Book. Now What?

Marketing on Your Own

Marketing Your Book

If you are one of the many people who tell me you want to write a book, have a great idea for a book, or you have one sitting in a file on your computer, head over to Amazon and pick up Shelley Hitz's Markeing Your Book On Amazon. It's free today (11/8/12).

I finished reading it and came away with several ideas that any  either a tradional or indepented published author could use. 

Shelley Hitzs includes links to videos showing screen shots how to keep track of what marketing you need to do. She has a good checklist in the back of the book which would help plan your stratedgy before you even get started. 
One important thing for an author are reviews--as many as possible, good and bad. 

So if you're not a writer and your still reading this, please review books

Do you review books you like?
Do you review on Amazon, The Book Club Network or Goodreads? Or somewhere else? 

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