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A Dangerous Stage

 Protection for Hire

guest post by Camy Tang

Hi everyone! My name is Camy Tang and the second book in my Protection for Hire series, A Dangerous Stage, just released a few days ago! It’s a humorous romantic suspense about a woman who is the niece of the San Francisco Japanese mafia boss, who went to prison for a crime she didn’t commit and then found Christ in prison. Now she’s out and has formed her own bodyguard service. She has to protect her latest client, a popular contestant in a televised singing competition, when he and his daughter discover evidence the show is rigged, all the while dealing with her dysfunctional family and the pressures of her uncle, who wants her to come back to working for the “family.”

Camy Tang with purple streaks in her hair 
When I first wrote A Dangerous Stage, I knew I wanted the backdrop to be a singing competition like American Idol, or The Voice, or X-Factor. I couldn’t use the name of any of those shows for legal reasons (and I wouldn’t want an angry note from Simon Cowell anyway!) so I had to come up with a name for my fictional singing competition.

I brainstormed for days, but couldn’t come up with anything better than “Screechers,” which my husband vetoed. :) So I posted on my Facebook Author page (https://www.facebook.com/CamyTangAuthor) to ask my Facebook friends for help.

I had a ton of great ideas! The best one was from Amancay, which was Grab the Mic. I loved that title right away and inserted it into my manuscript only a few days before I sent it to my editor at Zondervan.

I always love asking for help from Facebook friends because I get so many creative ideas! I hope you’ll join me there if you have a Facebook account.

book cover
Thanks for letting me guest blog, Diana!

Readers can find me here:

And there’s a page about A Dangerous Stage on my website here.

Thanks for being here, Camy. I have to get this book, the first one Protection for Hire kept me turning pages way into the night. 

Camy Tang is one of my favorite writers. She takes me into unusal places and I get to learn about different cultures. She's written some fun books too if you aren't a suspense reader. 
Here are the titles in the Sushi Series.
Sushi for One?
Only Uni
Single Sashimi
Weddings and Wasabi 

Here's an interview I wrote featuring Camy in 2008. Camy Tang

Do you like reading books with characters in different cultures than yours?


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