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Will Calorie Numbers Matter to You?

How many Calories are in that?

Do you want to know how many calories are in your take-out meal?

I'm not sure if/when all restaurants in the USA will be required to list the calorie count on their food items. 

Panera Bread Company has been doing it for awhile. I only know this because I like their Chi! There isn't much I feel comfortable eating there, even though they have an allergen notebook.

banana split
Photo by Frank Selmo
McDonalds now have it on their menu boards. That's when I had a wake up to calories experience.

My husband loves ice cream. I've seen him hobble to the store with a broken ankle for ice cream. It's in my life a lot. It's his prefered treat many times during the week and since I'm with him. I often get something. 

Then we went to McDonalds. The hot fudge sundae (my fav) had a calorie count next to it. Over 200 calories! For some reason I thought their ice cream wasn't high in calories. Yes, I often lie to myself. 

Since I've been working hard to lose weight this year I appreciate knowing what to put into the  MY FITNESS PAl ap. Most of the time I can get that hot fudge sundae, but there are days when it will put me over my daily calorie allowance so I pass.

Before knowing that calorie count I would have blissfully continued ordering it. 

So if you aren't tracking your calories and already know what the counts are will seeing it on the menu board affect how you order? 


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