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Who Lives on Your Desk?

desk with laptop and books

After reading Karen Ball's article, Who Lives on Your Desk? over on the Steve Laube Agency blog, I thought I'd share my answer with you.

Two monitors and an iPad may be overkill but sometimes I wish I had four monitors!

I have a book about Ghost Towns that belongs to Sara, my daughter-in-law that I'm using for research.

Jesus Calling by  Sarah Young is my first read of the morning.

Sell Your Book like Wildfire by Ron Eager with hundreds of flagged pages. Someday I will find time to do all of those suggestions.

A clipboard to make sure I get all the blogging done this month.

My mouse and of course, a pen.

A jar of marbles made into a lamp. I need to put a new bulb in it. I keep forgetting about that.

So tell me what do you have on your desk?


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