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Slow Sewing

Is Slow Sewing Better?

In the past when starting a sewing project I knew when it would be finished: as soon as possible.

Now, my time is limited which turns out to be a good thing because so are my finances. I pick a project and pull out my fabrics checking for what might work before I purchase more. 

A Christmas banner is something I've been wanting to make for a long time. I even had a magazine with the project I wanted to do.

quilted joy banner
Joy Banner

 It's from the Quilting for Christmas Holiday 2003 magazine. Yes, I've had it that long, pulling it out every year and saying, "I'm making this."

I searched through my stash and found I needed to purchase only one fabric.
green, red and gold fabric
Christmas Fabric

 I found the striped fabric at Joann's on sale!

That was a month ago. See how slow sewing is going?

I've cut everything out and began the project.
half triangles sewn together
half triangle blocks

Because I am not rushing I find that I need to use the seam ripper less.

Cat in front of sewing machine

Another reason to embraces slow sewing. It seems Wendell wants to help me sew at the machine. 

I'm looking forward to slow sewing this project. Once it's done (before this Christmas I hope) I'll post a photo.

What about you? Have you slowed down to enjoy your hobbies? Or are you in a race?


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