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On Being Responsible

Is Personal Responsibility Dead?

Monday Rant 

Are only a few willing to take on the responsibility of being an adult?

Have we become a nation of  "I'm the only important person?" 

"The person that hit me had a suspended license."

"The owner of the car that hit me had an insurance card that showed that it was valid, but the policy wasn't active." (Not uncommon! I heard this often while working for an insurance company.)

"The driver hit me head on. They were texting."

"No need to vote, I live in Illinois everyone knows my vote won't count." (This one is head often where I live.) 

In the numerous construction zones where I live it's normal for 'special' people to drive in the lane that will be closed in .5 miles. They speed past the hundreds of cars and attempt to squeeze in when the lane closes as if they had no concept of a lane closure. Often those irresponsible people cause an accident.

Am I the only one noticing this kind of behavior escalating?


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