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October is National Movie Month

Have You Watched a Movie This Month?

There's not much time left this month to participate in National Movie Month.

Did you go to the movies this month? Will you?


Do you watch movies at home?

Which do you prefer?

I enjoy watching at home on my couch, covered with my blanket, and a bowl of popcorn on my lap.
Since there is still time to take part in National Movie Month and the entertainment envelope is about empty I'm going to plan an evening of movie watching.

It might be fun to make the atmosphere more like the new 'Bistro Movie Theaters' that are offered in our area.

snacks listed on menu board
My Menu Board

Then the tough question. What do we watch?
Open Range--for the 78th time (Hubby's favorite)
followed by
Sweet Home Alabama--for the 78th time (one of my favorites)
Should I find a classic movie or snag a newer one from directtv?

Any suggestions? Tick-tock time is running out.


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