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10 Waiting Room Tips

Pack a Bag 

pink and off white personalized LL Bean tote
LL Bean Bag

Last year my mother-in-law had several adventures in the emergency room. There were a lot of hours spent waiting in the ER, waiting at the pain management center and waiting while she had surgery.

The first few trips left me staring at televisions shows I didn't care to watch at decibels high enough the people on the street could listen or I could look at magazines many sick people had handled before I arrived.

So when my mother-in-law had to have surgery on her hand I was ready.

Here are my top ten essentials to pack for a waiting room.
list of 10 items to take with you in a waiting room
Waiting Room List

Put it in a tote like my LL Bean tote above or a backpack.

What would you add to your emergency 'wait' bag?

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