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Politics and Social Media?

When is Ok to Say What you Believe?

Things are heating up in the political arena in the USA and it's getting ugly on social media.

There are rants thrown (temper tantrums?) about the bias of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, should Christians vote for a Mormon? should there be another 4 years of careless spending? 

There are links to news stories, with facts and photos. 

I get it, people are worried. The USA has a right to be worried. There is much that needs to be fixed and I think almost everyone would agree on that. But we can't agree on how to do it and that's the issue. 

So back to my question when is it OK to say what you think is right?

If I use my blog, which is about home in my heart to tell you what happens in November will affect my home, and if that conflicts with your belief, would you stop reading my blog? 

If I post something on facebook, would you unfriend me? 

Do writer's have a the same responsibility to speak out as Hollywood stars if we don't agree with them? or if we do?

Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone, has an article on her blog today that says this better than I can. 

As a writer--not well known, I don't feel I can take a chance at alienating anyone who might want to read my books, so the only belief I will speak about on my blog is this:
I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord. 
I will not be quiet about that.

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