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Redo Don't Replace and #ROW80

What's Old Becomes New


I still had some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I picked up at New Art Legacies.
There was a free lamp that needed some updating.

gold, silver and black lamp
Yes, that is silver, bronze and gold all together! I could have called it the Olympic Lamp. (That rolltop desk in the back maybe might next project!)

old white Annie Sloan chalk paint on lamp with shade
Here's the finished version. I might replace that shade now that I see it in a photo or put ribbon on it.
I used the clear wax and some black wax. I'm a bit afraid of that black wax!
You can see it on this photo.
black wax brings out details

ROW80 Check in:
Does it count to stare at the computer screen for hours? If that was a goal I did well the last few days. I didn't get the third chapter finished on the first proposal.
I bought the new version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 and literally lost 8 hours of my life trying to get it to work with my iPhone. No, luck on that. That's my excuse for not getting the chapter finished. I'm going back to the headset. The new version of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 is amazing so I'm hoping I'll get more work done before my wrists cry out for relief.

Working out and tracking food on loseit.com is going well.
House cleaning not so much, so please don't stop by without calling first as I must remove cat hair from everything.


  1. Love the lamp! I like it better than the original. I've tried Dragon Naturally Speaking several times, and I get frustrated. Perhaps, I need to give it another shot. Best wishes for a great week!

    1. Kathrese, it takes some work to get Dragon to be nice. I did every single training section they had and then read several chapters of my book. 12 seems much better than 11 because it works with gmail, twitter and facebook.

  2. I've thought about using Dragon, especially if my hands get worse. But, I've never tried to write that way, so I'm not sure I can....

    You can totally count staring at the screen. Because you were THINKING, right?

    Love the lamp!

    1. I was thinking! So it counts! Yeah!

      I like the lamp more now too.

      Yes, it is harder to be creative because you have to say the punctuation. After awhile though you get used to it.