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Going North and #ROW80


two men standing on a beach


Escaping the Heat

The heat has been oppressive this past month in Southern Illinois ranging from 100-108 degrees.

Saturday we drove to Chicago to see our son. Our other son and his wife went with us.

As we gazed out the window it seemed as if we had left the country. The grass was green, the trees had healthy leaves and when we stepped out of the car we sighed in relief. It was 82 degrees. It almost felt cold.

In the photo you can tell which son lives in Southern Illinois by his clothes and footwear. The boy in black seems to live inside most of the time or he would know better than to wear black to a beach. Just sayin' son. You live by the lake, get some shorts.

Grosse Point Lighthouse

We climbed the irons steps at the Grosse Point Lighthouse. I didn't make it to the top. Our tour guide had wings on her feet and climbed 11 stories in under 2 minutes. I was hot and dizzy so thought it best to stop. We came down and I took this photo. I think I might have still been dizzy.

Lighthouses intrigue me and I wonder what it would have been like to live in one. This one seems like it would have been a good one to be assigned to because it isn't isolated from the town.

Have you been in a lighthouse? Did you find it hard to climb the twisty stairs? Did it bother you to come back down because you could see through the steps?

Late on my ROW80  check in.
Last week was worry week, I managed to get two blog posts done but no writing.
change in goals to meet publisher request: Revamp proposal for 3 books. That means 9 chapters need to be written and 3 synopsis! 


  1. Teresa1:15 PM

    Great story Diana, I love the pics. Amazing to see the boys all grown up. I love Chicago to!!

  2. Great shot of the lighthouse. Good luck on finishing your task for you publisher!

    1. I was going for artistic. Not sure I made it but it was fun to try.
      Working on that task now. It's a switch from writing historical, feels like I've been time warped.

  3. Lovely photos - both the lighthouse and your blog header.
    I haven't been to Chicago yet but it's on my wishlist!

    1. Thanks Deniz. Chicago is so big I think it would take along time to see it all. I hope you get to go someday.

  4. Makes me really happy to be living where I am. It's 54 degrees F. here in San Francisco right now!

  5. Now that's just wrong! California is supposed to be hot-according to my mid-west upbringing. :)