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Andy Giffith is Gone Fishing I Hope

Television Isn't the Same 

Hearing the news this morning that Andy Giffith had died made me sad like many Americans.
His shows brought us joy, made us think about doing the right thing and how to care for others.

I wanted to live in Mayberry.

Twitter is going crazy with tweets about Andy. Here are a few:

RT @mental_floss: Andy Griffith Singing the Original Lyrics to The Andy Griffith Show Theme Song — http://t.co/xj8cHBs

 From Mayberry to Matlock to old country hymns, you left an indelible impression on American culture. Rest in peace, Andy Griffith. 

RT @RockItOutBlog: R.I.P Andy Griffith. May the angelic hosts whistle your theme song loudly as you enter the pearly gates
 A very special Andy Griffith tribute: youtube.com/watch?v=IGnYu8

 RT @ThaFreshBiscuit: If you can't whistle the Andy Griffith show theme song your not American #RIPAndyGriffith

 RT @ralphmacchio: Take a moment and whistle "The Andy Griffith Show" theme today - finger snap optional - RIP Andy Griffith 
 RT @RealRonHoward: Andy Griffith His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I'm forever grateful RIP Andy 

 RT @TheDeanLantern: RIP Andy Griffith. You can meet your friend Don Knotts at the fishing hole now 
 RT @jrlind: Just the best. RT @NoelAbstract: I hope Andy Griffith is just faking his death in some elaborate scheme to capture Ernest T Bass. 

 RT @edeweysmith: Andy Griffith could entertain you without profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or misogyny. #RealTalent #RIPAndyGriffith

 Sunset: Andy Griffith Obituary: The Obituary and Death Notice of Andy Griffith | Legacy.com dlvr.it/1pDtv1







  1. I sure wish they would put new shows on TV like that. Our country, our world, used to be so much more innocent, pure. People knew who they were, kids knew where home was. I wish the entertainment industry would be encouraging family values instead of constantly undermining them. Sad to think where it is all going.

  2. Chris, I couldn't agree with you more. Kids are bulling older women--could it be that they've never been exposed to Aunt Bee, only to violent video games and movies? I don't know but it makes me wonder.