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Cabin Life 1880s



Cabin Living 1880s

Would you look at this place?
In the 1880s I can imagine how wonderful it was, can you see the blush of the raw planks?
Smell the fresh cuts?

One room cabin with livestock shelter attached to the sides.

There is still some chinking shrunken with age left between a few boards.

wooden logs with space of chinking, old door, sunlight coming through spaces
How many children slammed that door?
What was for dinner most nights?

The roof has been replaced with tin.
The flooring is almost gone.

Sunlight beams through the spaces where chinking should be. On a cold windy day there is nothing to stop the chilly fingers of winter from entering inside.

dovetailed corners still locked in place
Someone built this house with great care and skill. The corners are fit the notches and that's what has kept this house standing so many years.

Being able to visit a place like this with out being told "no touching" is a gift. Placing a hand on the wall, half closing my eyes, a story begins to form.

Who do you think might have lived here?

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