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In the doghouse?

A friend sent this to me after he 'messed up' with his wife. I'd love to tell you what he did, but that wouldn't be nice. It did make me wonder about the times I might have sent my husband to the dog house and what he did to get out of it.

Sorry Ed. There my apology is out of the way first. :)

He hasn't given me a yucky gift since we've been together, but he does do the occasional thing that makes me point my finger.

1. Works to much
2. Doesn't spend enough time talking to me, but has time to talk to his best friend on the phone.
3. THE BIGGIE --Reads the newspaper while we eat dinner, one that I've prepared!

He's really close to going back to the doghouse for number 3, but number 1 keeps him out of it. I appreciate how hard he works so that I might continue writing.

So how does he get out of the doghouse? He's really good at making me laugh before he even gets through the doghouse door.

How about your spouse? How does he/she get out of that doghouse?

**** PV (you know who you are) fixing the bumper won't get you out of the doghouse. Try a gift certificate for a massage. WOOF!


  1. Oh, Diana--I absolutely love the video. I am smiling silly crazy right now. My husband bought me a jar of mustard for Christmas this year... and a cat food floor mat the year before.

    I'm so in appreciate this video that I'm tweeting you in a sec :)

    1. Oy! And he's still alive? :) Thanks for tweeting this.

    2. Meant to say: I so appreciate this video that... Where was the grammar police when I needed them?

      And, I'm not a mustard fan

    3. I don't think the grammar police visit blogs. :)
      I love mustard, but not as a gift. :)

  2. Camouflage pyjamas from Cabellas for Mother's Day. I was speechless.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one.
    It gave me a good topic to blog about at least.

    1. You're comment left me speechless, and then my brain started going crazy with story ideas. :) Then I wondered if they were hunting camouflage or ----did they look like your sheets? :)