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So he put a ring on it. 5 questions you need answered

Valentine's Day has come and gone. 

This is the second time you've had a marriage proposal and said yes.

Are you still flying through the clouds of joy and while wearing the cloak of  proposal excitement?

Before you get to caught up in the wedding plans you need to take a moment and figure out what this means to your children and his. You love his kids and he loves yours. Everything is going to fall into the LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH category, right? If you go into your marriage unprepared wearing rose-colored glasses you'll soon need them to cover the tears of frustration.

Some questions you might want to ask before the church is booked and the seating chart is filled in for the reception.

1. Where are we living, will all of the kids have their own space?
2. Are you comfortable with me sending your kids to time out? or taking away the wii?
3. How are we going to handle holidays?
4. What's our plan for the child support or social security money for each child?
5. How will we find time to continue to build our relationship?


  1. Those are some great questions! I remember when my husband and I got married, EVERY time our pastor saw us (2-3 times a week) he would ask us if we still wanted to get married. Something so simple, yet it really made us think.

    1. Carrie, our pastor did the same. Still I had no idea how hard it was going to be to blend two families together. Diana