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Why I love Pinterest

Reading through one of Randy Ingermanson's newsletters I stopped at the word Pinterst. The article said a lot of authors spend time there. Not me. What was he talking about. I had to know.

Now I'm hooked.

My definition of Pinterest: Vision Board Exploded.

I can now say I am no longer a magazine hoarder. Pinterest for those of you who aren't on it yet is a new kind of social media. Yes, I know who has time for one more sink hole of time. But wait! This is different! I promise!

Pinterest allows you to set up virtual interactive bulletin boards. You go to a website and see something you love and want to remember the old thing to do was print it out and hope you can find that paper in six months. New way: set up a board, pin the webpage photo, write a description so you and others will know what it's all about. Then when you want to find that hiking trail map in another country because 'oh my' you are invited on a trip of a lifetime you can go to your 'Hiking Map"  board and pull up that website.

I use Pinterest for several things. Here are some of the boards I've set up:
Gluten Free On Pinteres
Gluten Free
Writer's Spaces
Character Faces
Social Media Help
ME--stuff that reminds me of things growing up
My favorite? Gifts I want. :)

As you accept more friends on Pinterest your catalog of choices to pin grows. You'll be connecting with people who like to do what you do--maybe pickling is your thing or raindrops and umbrellas.

Before long you'll be adding to your boards, breaking them down into better categories. For me Pinterest is ideal. No more files of photos, recipes and places to go stacked on the floor.

Want to follow me on Pinterest? That would be fun. I'd love to see what you collect.

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  1. =] I Looooooove Pinterest. It's a fave hangout of mine now. =]

    1. Patty, I'll have to look for you. :)

  2. I love Pinterest too! I even titled a blog post I Love Pinterest a few weeks ago (http://sarawalpertfoster.com/2012/02/01/why-i-love-pinterest-1/). Mine is just a display of some of the pictures I've pinned, though. I've read a lot about Pinterest this month and am beginning to think about ways I can use it to help me in my writing of stories. I'll follow you if you follow me :).

  3. Following you now Diana! And thanks, you've given me ideas on how to organize my boards : )

    Great post!

  4. Thanks Kim. :) I'll follow you back.

  5. I just joined Pinterest and spent some time on it yesterday - and before I knew it nearly an hour had gone by! At first I thought this was going to be another majoy time suck for me, an unnecessary distraction in my world filled with interesting distractions. But I decided I will begin using it for finding pictures that support my WIP - characters, scene locations, etc. At least then I'll feel like I'm "working". :)

    1. I'd call it working. :) After all you'd be looking in catalogs and magazines for those things right? And hey, you're being responsible with your money at the same time. No need to buy those magazines. Diana

  6. OK, you've finally convinced me. I'm heading over to check it out ... =)

  7. Carrie, you'll love it.

  8. Carrie, if you need an invite, let me (or someone already on it) know. I found that when I went through their official form, I was 'wait-listed' but when a friend sent me an invite, I got right on. That might have changed in the last couple months, though.

  9. Oh my, you have been busy!

    1. It helps when your husband likes to watch sports an flip channels if you can be in the same room with your computer. I use my iPad while he plays spin the channels. :)