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Powerful Love

I-55 Southern Illionis

We're redoing our office and I'd saved enough money for new office furniture because we all know that is going to increase my creativity by 100%.

The furniture needed and must have is located in Bollingbrook, IL at the IKEA store. My favorite place, but not my husbands. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to get there. It's a nice Sunday drive. Not really, the photo above is what it looks like most of the trip. Flat, flat, flat.

It's sad when the one thing that makes the trip exciting is a semi-truck on it's side. Yes, I looked. I wasn't driving so it's okay. I've never seen the underside of a semi-truck. There were a lot of flashing lights, fire trucks and policemen. No ambulance though, so I'm praying the driver was fine and it wasn't needed.

So what makes this long drive such a message of powerful love?

We went on Superbowl Sunday. Yes, we did.
I-55 close to Bollingbrook, Illinois
And yes, we arrived home long after the Superbowl was over. I can say my husband has a powerful love for me to miss the game.

How did you spend Superbowl Sunday?

D is for Drive

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  1. Yup, that's a powerful love! LOL. My husband hates Ikea (granted, he can make most of what they sell furniture-wise himself, and much better), and he would NEVER drive 4 hours for one. Especially on Super Bowl Sunday! Then again, because I know he never would, I'd never ask. LOL

    We...stayed in, ate leftovers and peanuts (don't ask - they're salted really perfectly and so addicting!) and watched the game. Husband fell asleep after halftime. I stayed up but was barely paying attention because I was reading.

  2. What a great hubby you have! I've never been to IKEA. Next time you go, I might have to meet you there.

    On Sunday we celebrated my dad's b-day, then I went home with a bad fibro flare-up. I watched Downton Abbey instead ;)

    Glad you had a great day. HATE that stretch of I-55.I-57 isn't much better LOL!

  3. April, I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't like IKEA either. ANd he could build the same thing he just doesn't have time.
    Peanuts? interesting. And of course I want to know why. :)

  4. I can imagine why he doesn't like Ikea, but what a guy! Superbowl Sunday we spent with three other families at one of their houses. Double-treat! I got to party and I didn't have to do the cleaning for it! Woohoo! AND I was only interested in the commercials, so no stress during the game!

  5. Margie that is the best kind of party. No cleaning and no stress!

  6. I went to a Super bowl party at a friend's house .. and actually watched the last 10 minutes of the game. My mother's jaw would hit the ground if she saw that -- I NEVER watch football, or any other sport for that matter. But this friend -- well, she's a really good cook! ;-) Purely selfish motives. And the last 10 minutes was pretty good. For football. LOL...

  7. We just went to church and then worked on some projects around the house. None of us cared about the Super Bowl, lol.

  8. Super Bowl party--ate too much--of the wrong food (are their right foods at a Super Bowl party?).

    Monday went to doctor for scheduled checkup--blood pressure was way up. "Never been this high, Doc, how come?" Doc says, "Everybody's blood pressure is elevated today. Did you go to a Super Bowl party yesterday?" (all the chips, salt, etc.) Lesson learned.

  9. Ha ha! That IS love.
    I had every intention of watching the Super Bowl commercials this year, but got caught up in a rerun of a Nora Roberts book-turned-into-movie on Lifetime and missed them all.
    I have never been to IKEA. Colorado just got its first one, but it's 4 hours away and NOT a nice, flat drive! : )