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Pardon the Mess

It is January and it's a time of cleaning out and re-doing.

So I had this brilliant idea of re-doing my blog.

Today I feel less than brilliant. I've lost luster, I don't even have a glimmer of a shine.

It's a rare beautiful day where I live. I can see it from my window. I'm hoping I can get my

blog fixed before the sun sets.

Be patient, re-doing is time consuming and painful some times.

Have you started a project this month that isn't going the way you thought it would? Please share.


  1. Really no new "projects," however I'm working on a novel that unlike others is like pulling teeth to get written... we both need to hang in there!

    You're so creative, Diana, so I'm looking forward to seeing your new look.

  2. Elaine, I know what it's like to write like that. Tiring but usually worth the effort.