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Carriage from the Past

C is for Carriage.
This summer we stopped at an antique store and this was out in the yard.  It intriques me, where did come from? Who owned it? Where did they take it too church? Parties? I like the fringe top and I wonder if the owner had to pay extra for it?

How did women keep their skirts from brushing the dirty wheel when they disembarked?

So many questions....
So many stories shushed...
So many ideas racing through my mind today...

UPDATE! I have learned that this is a Jenny Lind used from 1850 to the 1900s and only one horse was needed to pull it. How did I learn this? I found out by purchasing a dvd called 19th Century Carriages & Wagons A Resource for Writers by Lynn Coleman. You can get it here.

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  1. I love that carriage too. Its just intriguing enough to get the mind going. It might make a good story or novel to create around that carriage. :)

  2. I think they had step stools for ladies to get into them.

  3. I agree with Becky. Seeing things like that just make my imagination start wandering!

  4. I love the picture of the Carriage. I have a fascination with antiques and how they were used. We live on an old farm and at one time had an old Carriage Barn. My ancestors, parked their Carriages and horses within its walls. We at one point had a cement step at the end of the sidewalk, right next to the drive way. I am told this step was for the ladies to climb into the carriage. History is fascinating.

  5. Ah so I have answers, a step or a stool to get out of the buggy. That makes sense. But what kind of carriage is it? And who used it? Those questions still remain a mystery.

  6. Ooh, very cool! I love things like that, that spark so many questions in a writer's mind! I had similar thoughts when we went on our trip to Iowa and stopped at the Buffalo Bill museum. They had a fully stocked western migration wagon. It was fascinating! So much packed efficiently into such a small space. It made me wonder about the folks who traveled in it, and so much more. Enjoyed this!

    1. Oooh Shelly, i didn't know about the Buffalo Bill museum. I'm putting that on my to-do-some-day list.

  7. The museum (actually Buffalo Bill Historical Center) is in Cody, WY and it is FABULOUS! It's actually 5 separate museums all in one complex. Firearms, Western Art, Native Americans, The Nature of Yellowstone and, of course, Buffalo Bill (but that one was closed for maintenance when we were there) We definitely plan to go back some day!

  8. I love stuff like that, and I too wonder about all the hands that touched it, all the hearts belonging to those hands, all the stories behind the spokes of that wheel!

  9. Fun! The displays of clothes in museums tend to get me more than almost anything else. Who wore them, and where?
    BTW, if you are ever in NW Colorado, there are three incredible pioneer museums to visit!

  10. Oh the stories you could tell...