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Bugs Get a Bad Rep

I've caught a bug. The bug going around caught up with me.
Which is why I am regretting having a sandwich at lunch.
A sandwich I had saved enough WW points to eat! (Gluten free bread takes up more points.)

So as I try to keep my head from listing to the side long enough to post this, I'm wondering.
Why is a virus called a bug anyway? What did the bug population do to us humans to deserve that?

Now I'm not found of bugs except for lightening bugs and lady bugs, so I'm not concerned that the world will end (even though it is 2012) because the word virus is attached to bug.

Still here reading this? If you know the answer please enlighten me. I'm sure I could google and discover the reason, but  I need to lie down and watch the ceiling swirl overhead.


  1. Oh, feel better soon!

  2. Diana, just prayed for you... for a fast recovery.