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The Joy of Sharing

Mary happened to be one of the best cooks in our church, until they moved. (Now it's Janice!)
I digress, sorry.

Mary made the best baked goods and contributed  recipes to the church cookbook.

The one I made wasn't in this book though, she gave me her special recipe on an index card. I no longer have it so I can't share it with you.

I can tell you there were Rhodes buns, caramel and then I'm lost. Now I had tasted this yummy bliss (before being gluten free) and knew it would be perfect for Christmas.

So while the boys played with their new toys, Ed cleaned up the papers and tags, I put this special dish in the oven and went upstairs to get dressed--okay I took a nap, too. I had plenty of time! Don't judge me! This dish had to bake for 45 min.

There was a bit of yelling downstairs--something about fire? I have never been so alert after a nap.

Smoke rose up the stairs as I came running down.

Smoke was everywhere and there were flames in the oven. Yep, my own little Christmas fire.

The wonderful yummy sauce that made itself had leaked out of the angel food pan and snuggled up tight to the oven coils. I was supposed to use a bundt pan, but didn't have one and thought it wouldn't make a difference.

Ed put the fire out, breakfast went in the trash and windows were opened to clear the smoke. A new tradition was born. Cinnamon rolls from the store or cookies for breakfast became the Christmas breakfast.

And that recipe? I'm not sure what happened to it. I think someone threw it away.

What kind of cooking surprises have happened in your kitchen?

for more jolly daze see Patty Wysong's blogwww.pattywysong.com

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. I'm quite thankful I haven't had a smoked Christmas 'treat' like you have! What a memory of breakfast gone bad.

  2. I love that 'smoked Christmas treat' I think I'll rename that memory. Not sure I could get the rest of the family to go along with it though. They like to call it the day mom almost torched the house.

  3. ROFL. (sorry) What a memory!! LoL. eh. Things happen and moms NEED a nap by Christmas morning!! Besides, cookies for breakfast are THE best!! =]