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From old tradtion to a new one

First let me apologize if this blog post turns out odd. My laptop caught a nasty virus so I'm working on my tiny netbook.

This is my hometown. After Thanksgiving my brother and I would beg to drive buy the cliff to see if the nativity scene was up yet.
Nativity Pacific, MO

 Here it is up close. Ed and I drove through town a few weeks ago and I was so happy it is still being set up.

Now Ed and I have a new tradition. Our church has lists of families in our community that are in need. At Christmas the church has a list of what food to buy to provide an nice Christmas dinner. The families range in sizes from 1-5 or more. We get a printed sheet of what and how much to purchase.

We like to pick a family of 5 because before some of our kids married we were a family of 5. It's so much fun to pick up the groceries because we never can stick to the list. We do get what's on the list, but then we start adding, "Wouldn't it be fun if we put ? in the bags too?" It's one of my favorite church activities.

Once I was able to help deliver the bags to one family. The hope and joy that showed on their faces makes me want to continue every year.

What do you do to help others this time of year?
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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. Thanks for sharing! One year we were on the receiving end of such a package. We were truly blessed.

  2. Oh I love both of those traditions!! What a great idea for a church to do!!