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a2z: The letter is 'X' for Xi

 We've come to the nightmare of posts with this letter. There are only 9 words that start with X in my dictionary.

One I often use in scrabble: Xi.

Xi is a river in China and it's 300miles long.

This week we went to a hardscape trade show (that's all about pavers, stone, bobcats and glue in case you were wondering) while there I snapped a photo of this X from the Xmarks booth. I'm not even sure what they were selling but they didn't mind me taking a photo.

There are a few X's I don't care for:
X-large size (on me--don't take offense if you need that size.)
XXX  adult rating.
And the one I wish didn't exist:
X-Mas instead of Christmas.
That X I really don't like. Christmas is about Christ--go ahead and celebrate what ever you wish, but don't mess with the name please.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. I agree with you Diana. I don't like the X in Xmas.

    X was a hard letter. Thanks for the geography lesson though. We all need more understanding of the world around us.


  2. I also agree about xmas.
    Interesting post!

  3. My kids and a I learned in chemistry class that Xi is also one of the smallest parts of an atom.

    And I agree with both of you, I don't like the X in Xmas.

  4. Creative "X" post! Love it!

  5. They say that the meaning behind using Xmas is actually because of the Greek word for Christ and the symbol the early Christians used for Him--or something along those lines (I forget eXactly). But I guess the trying to "take Christ out of Christmas" is just a misunderstanding of the symbol.

    I love using Xi in scrabble, too! Glad to know what it means, Melissa. Part of an atom... wonder if I can remember that. ;-)

  6. Always grateful for a new way to gain Scrabble points, Diana!

    I was thrilled to discover that X references Christ... not because I think people should change the word, but because it gives me a perfect opportunity to witness to folks who don't know WHO the X represents! : ) God is funny that way!

  7. Sparrow! That's wonderful to learn about X-mas. I didn't know that and it will make it a great witness tool.

    Melissa, I stopped at the first definition of Xi. Interesting that it also is the smallest part of an atom-and the smallest X word!

  8. Yes, Amy's right. When people think they're taking Christ out of Christmas by using X, they're actually putting Him in:) I think it's funny. X was a hard post but we all handled it very well, I'm thinking!

  9. I don't like X-mas either, but Christmas is such a long word to write out when I'm just making notes and lists. Years ago I started using C-mas and when I write it, I remember that I'm using my own special abbreviation to honor the one who deserves it.

    Just thinking about it gets me all giddy inside! :)

  10. So cool when God can bring something good from things people think are apart from Him!