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"T" is for Typewriter a2z

Can you imagine typing an entire novel on one these?

There's no backspace key.
You can't hit ctrl c for copy and crtl v for paste--"Yes, I'm a PC," meant nothing when these guys were hot items.

I learned to type on a Royal that looked a lot like this one. It didn't have green buttons. I loved the sound those keys made, clack, clack clack and when you made it to the margin the bell would ring , you'd push the lever and zing-it would return to the right side and you'd start a new line.

When you made a mistake you had to get a bottle of White Out, paint it on like nail polish and wait for it to dry. I found waiting hard and often I'd try and type to soon.

I don't really miss that typewriter, just the idea of it. I like all the functions I have on my computer.

And while I never wrote an entire novel on my typewriter I did write short stories.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. Your brought back memories! I never typed a novel on a typewriter either, but somehow it holds a special place in my thoughts. Nope, I sure wouldn't want to return to using typewriters. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Gives me the shivers! :) We had to learn to type on manual and electric typewriters. I'm so glad they are the thing of the past!!!! Thanks for the memories. It makes me appreciate my laptop ever so much more:)

  3. Oh, my WORD!! I learned on an old manual, and now I make my living typing. I can literally hear the "ding" of the bell as I would slap it back to the left.

  4. LOL. I learned to type on an antique (1940s) manual typewriter.
    Recently found an alert for my iPhone that sounds just like the zing/ring of an old manual carriage return. My kids didn't know what it was!

  5. I remember writing school papers. Ohhhh the typos.

  6. Boy, does that bring back memories! I have to admit to being a tiny bit nostalgic about the old typewriters. As you say, there was something very satisfying about their sounds, etc. But there is NO WAY I would give up my ever-present netbook! I take it with me *everywhere*! (Tough to do with the old typewriters, lol)

  7. I learned to type on one of the early electric typewriters (and it looked similar to the picture!) when I was down in Ecuador. That was one of those classes that was either really fun (cuz we were acting up or being stupid, LoL) or really boring. LoL. Such memories!

    Thanks! =]