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Quilting for others

 The quilt top is finished. It's waiting to be assembled and tied by the quilters at my church.

Every month 7-10 women gather and haul things from the closet and a corner in a Sunday School room so they can work. 

One person sews the binding, a few others make a sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing) and few more slide needles up and through to 'tie' the quilt. Someone will cut squares and make packages for others to sew the tops at home. 

In October, the finished quilts are shipped to Lutheran World Relief where they are handed out to those who need them. 

It's a fun project and I'm glad to be a small part in helping someone stay warm.

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. The Ladies Aid from our church sent nearly 100 quilts to World Relief the first of the month. They look so amazing all spread out on the backs of the pews, don't they?

  2. Chris, I love seeing them on the pews. It makes the church look so welcoming. That's so great your church made 100 quilts!

  3. Our church does the same thing, sending to LWR, but they also give a quilt to each graduating senior and many to local relief agencies. I love quilt Sunday for the beauty displayed and the recognition of how many lives will be touched!

  4. Angela, what a great idea to give a quilt to the seniors. I think I'll suggest it to our group.

  5. There is a group of women in my church who meet on a regular basis to craft prayer quilts. Whenever someone needs special prayers there is a special part of the church service where everyone goes up to tie a final knot & then prayers are said & the quilt is given to the person (if they're there) or will be delivered. It's a lovely worship ceremony.