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So you think you can___?

What do you do when faced with a challenge?
Do you run? 
Say, "No thanks, maybe some other time?"

This week I learned a lesson from a young friend.
She wanted to climb into the treehouse my husband had built for our sons--a long time ago.

For safety, my husband tried it out first. Deeming it safe he advised our friend to take it slow and she'd be fine.

Good advice. That's what she did.

"I had to go slow the first time because I was scared. I had to prove that I could do it. Now I'm going to do it again, faster because I know I can and it is fun." 

That is a statement I'm taking to heart as I start writing a new book. I've done it before and it was fun, scary but fun. This time maybe I can go faster.

But that's easy, I've written a few books already so maybe I should choose something I haven't done before...like climb up into that treehouse. 

Do you have something you think you can do but haven't?

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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  1. All luck Diana! Maybe you should write supernatural thrillers? :)



  2. Casey, I've thought of that, but I'm not sure my mind has enough 'thrill' to entertain. :) You however...need I saw more? Get busy.