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Ten Reasons Why Blended Families Should Move

1. The new place will have bare walls.
2. The process of building a new family within those walls can include all of the family personalities
3. The new home will reflect your new blended family
4. You won't have to look at the art work, owl collection, or other decorations of  the previous spouse.
5.  Moving gives everyone an equal starting over point.
 6. A new house gives the new family rules a clean back drop.
7. With both families moving to a new home you'll both be forced to clean out items you don't want or need. Have a huge garage sale and get something new together.
8. You can start a new growth chart established 20XX.
9. Moving can bond a family together.
10. When you've established a new home in a new place you'll feel like the walls are hugging instead of strangling you.

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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