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Ducks on the lake
Can you see them? 

Ducks, lots of them, they are so still waiting for the brightness of day to arrive.

There is a park with a walking trail across from my house. Several times a week I drag myself out of bed and walk. This is the first day I found out what it was like to walk before the sun rose. 
Once you go up a slight hill and turn the curve there is a lake. Usually the ducks are active, momma ducks chasing little ones back to the shoreline or dipping their heads underwater for something to eat.

The stillness this morning, the patience of the ducks made caused me to pause and snap a shot with my phone.  Looking at them I realized I start my day wrong. I start with an agenda of what must be done and how fast can I accomplish marking things off my list. Perhaps, if I met the dawn in stillness, praising God, my day would be much better. 

I think I'll try that--tomorrow. 
How do you start your day? 

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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