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a2z: The letter is 'K' for Keds and Kickstands

Letter K

 This letter had me stumped. There are many 'Ks' I'd like to write about, my brother Karl, his daughter Karla, my friend Kristen, my niece Kristen, my kids, God the King.... how to pick from some many important people in my life?

Rather than get anyone upset for choosing only one of the above I grabbed a key from youth and unlocked two memories.

Vintage Keds
 Remember these? Or something similar? The first day of school and putting on a pair of Keds meant you would run faster and further than anyone. In my highschool it was 'the thing' to wear boys Keds if you were a girl. I loved those shoes. I had a pair of white ones. My boyfriend's little brother grew super fast and I got his almost new shoes. They were my favorites and now I'm wondering if it was because the soles were thicker. My girly Keds didn't have the same comfort and sense of adventure built into them. My Keds took me on hikes through Babler State Park, through the creek that runs through the park and even went on a few horseback rides. (Just to be safe Keds is a tradmarked name. I would have used that little symbol so you'd know that, but I have no clue how to make it.)

And then there is this small piece of metal that balances a bike. The kickstand. Many times I didn't use this part of my bike. I enjoyed the thrill of riding fast, jumping off at my destination point and letting it crash. I've lived some of my life that way too, now I know to stay upright I need the balance God provides.

Summers and my bike cannot be separated in my memory. I didn't go far, but I went a lot. I rode to Luanne, Debbie, Terry, Brenda and Gwen's houses. Sometimes I just rode around the streets and thought of things that were good and not so good at home. It was my spaceship, airplane, travel machine and it still is. Except it's been to hot to ride this summer. 

What are some of your summer memories?

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer


  1. Summertime memories are best! Like that you found a way to inspire my day. " I've lived some of my life that way too, now I know to stay upright I need the balance God provides." Great post, brought back lots of summertime memories. Most of mine were at the beach, riding the waves and playing volleyball on the sand.

  2. Ah Rita, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend summer. I didn't see the ocean until I was 30 something.

  3. I remember holding my arms out and going down a hill with no hands. Fun and scary at the same time. :) Great memories. Oh! I also remember many times my pants getting caught in the chain of my bike. Not so great a memory:)

    Fun post, Diana:)

  4. Laury,
    I remember getting my bare foot caught in the spokes. :( Not a good memory either.

  5. Great summer memories! I also really like how you related the kickstand and staying upright to needing God's balance in our lives. Great post!

  6. I didn't own my own bike until I was almost 30, but - for one summer - I had the use of my cousin's (boy) bike and loved the freedom of riding through the neighborhood and "coasting" down small inclines. BTW - my grandson's Keds look just like these. He's adorable in them :)

  7. Nancy, I can't imagine not having a bike growing up. Books and bike and roller skates--that's how I survived.

    How fun that your grandson has the same kind of Keds.

  8. I actually found a couple of pairs of Keds or something that looked just like them a couple of years ago. I bought them for my twins and painted them all up with sparkles and glitter paint. What a treat!

    And I never use a kick stand. It was stuck so I just tossed the bike into the grass. Ahhh, summertime!

  9. Now I want to go ride a bike in my fave shoes. What a fun post for the summer!

  10. Anonymous9:12 AM

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  11. I like your two choices! Your Keds remind me of our son's 'chucks.' And we've got kickstands galore at our house.

    Love it.

  12. Ahh, the carefree days when it was safe to ride all over the place!

    Remember clipping a playing card to the spokes to make a "motor" sound?

    My bike had those streamers coming from the handlebars. How cool it fly down hill- hair and pink streamers flapping in the wind!

    Enjoyed the post-thanks for the memory.

  13. Keds!!! I wore white canvas ones for years as a preteen and teen. To this day I have trouble finding summer shoes that are as versatile as those were.
    My dad "upcycled" an old bike for my 8th birthday. He painted it British racing green with a black banana seat. My next-door neighbor and I would do laps around our circular driveway, pretending we were on a road trip to some exciting place.
    I miss playing pretend.