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How to Grow Carrots


How do you grow carrots? 

I read the back of the seed envelope  and it didn't sound too hard.
Use loose soil, put out the seeds and cover with dirt. Leave them alone for 70 days. 

Not that easy for me. The seeds are so small it was impossible to plant one or two seeds at a time and I kept pulling them out to early Still, I gave it a try and they taste so much sweeter out of the garden! I will replant them again this fall.

I also learned a few other things about planting them. Thinning them out is the trick along with planting them next to radishes. 

Want to learn more? EHow has an article How to Grow Carrots.

There carrots look more like the ones you get in the store, long and slender, not short and bulky like mine.

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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